Airline Pilot Interview- Kate McWilliams


Success Story #16

Happy New Year to all of you, Enjoy Flying readers! Let’s start this year with some motivation! This time we have the honor to interview Kate McWilliams, a female Captain at the age of 26 and a very passionate pilot from a very young age, conquering the skies of Europe!

So Kate lets start with you! Tell us how you fell in love with aviation and about your journey to the cockpit!

Hello to all Enjoy Flying readers and Happy New Year to everyone!

I did always have an interest in flying, though after going to air shows with my godparents, and when I was 13 I joined the air cadets where I got my first experience of flying an aircraft for myself. It was only towards the end of the sixth form that I started looking into flying as a career.

I was encouraged by my school to go to university but that option really didn’t suit me so I started to research flying schools. I finished school in 2008 and applied for a flying school called CTC Aviation. They have excellent links with airlines like easyJet, so on completion of the 18-month training course, I was lucky enough to be given an opportunity to work for easyJet as a First Officer. That was 5 years ago and since then I have been building hours and experience to become a captain on the Airbus A319/320.

What is your response to challenging conditions?

EasyJet’s pilots are highly trained to face the very unlikely chance of an emergency. I think different weather conditions keep things interesting!

Do you want to thank people that helped you achieving your dreams?

I would like to thank my parents that have always supported me in my choices!

Kate McWilliams

What are your future plans?

Continue with my A320 Captain career at easyJet!

Please share your message to upcoming pilots and especially on women!

There is absolutely nothing to stop women from entering into an aviation career, do your research and find a flying school that suits you. I chose CTC Aviation because part of the training took place in New Zealand and also for the job prospects at the end of the course due to CTC’s excellent links with the airlines.

Thank you very much, Kate McWilliams we wish you all the best both in your life and in your Career! Keep inspiring us!