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We admire people with positive vibes, professional mentality, and passion for their career as pilots! Susy from Sweden holds these attributes! Flying from a young age, motivated by the right people, Susy today flies above European skies but her passion doesn’t stop here! She works on her charity program AVIATRIXART ”Pilots Against Cancer” that we are going to analyze later in this post.

So Susy, tell us about how it all started and how you made it up to here?

Hello to all fans, aviators, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts!

I started flying at 23, on the Scottish Aviation Bulldog. I did my private pilot license as well as aerobatic training in the Bulldog.


The flight school I went to was Lund University School of Aviation, located in Ljungbyhed, southern Sweden.

Later on, I flew Piper Navajo, PA-31. I was in flight school between 2001 and 2002, graduated with a CPL, I returned in 2005 and 2006 to do my flight instructor training.

What type of airplane do you fly and for which company?

I fly the BAe146/AvroRJ for Brussels Airlines.


Do you hold any other license?

No, I used to work at flight operations and also as a flight instructor but now I am happy to only fly the Avro!



Have you experienced any type of emergency that you want to share?

I never had a real emergency. As a pilot I encounter different situations and weather every day, sometimes wind shear, thunderstorms, extreme turbulence and also technical failures but never anything really serious.

Your plans for the future?

Just continue to do what I do today, I love flying the Avro!

Tell us a few words about the aviatrix art project!

The Aviatrix Calendar project was founded by our small group of female pilots in 2015.
The idea of publishing a stylish, all female pilot, aviation related calendar and donating the funds to
Cancerfoden in support of cancer research was born when one of the pilots in the group, Emelie,
celebrated her fifth year being cancer free.

Emelie’s fight is not over but every day she inspires those around her by focussing on her career
as a full-time, commercial pilot while, at the same time, dedicating herself to a healthy lifestyle and
competing in bikini fitness competitions.


The group felt that the Calendar would be a perfect way to
inspire future pilots to pursue their dreams while supporting a cause that affects all of us today.

In 2016, we plan to build on the success of last year. We have a wonderful team of pilots,
photographers, stylists and designers and, as of now, we are seeking corporate sponsors or
individuals who might be looking for an opportunity to align themselves with our values and help
support our mission.

You can donate here Donate

People that you want to thank or inspired you?

My flight instructors! Most of them had a background from the Swedish airforce and they were absolutely amazing. They taught me how to fly a plane but also to stay humble and a realize that a pilot never stops learning.

Your message to upcoming pilots?

Enjoy flying, if its a Cessna or commercial jet doesn’t matter, flying is flying, and it should be safe and fun. Life as a pilot is not as glamorous at is seems, be prepared to spend a lot of time away from your family and friends. If you find a good company the job can be absolutely fantastic!



You can follow Susy on social media:

Instagram – @susythepilot and her charity program – @aviatrixcalendar




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