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Pilot Story #7

Mukarram Noordin


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About Airline pilots this week’s post! This time we have the honor to interview Mr Mukarram Noordin flying for Kenya Airlines cruising in the beatiful skies with the B737 NG !

Follow us on this journey to Africa!

So Mukarram tell us about how it all started, your dream as a child and how you made it up to here?

Hello to all fans!

I am Mukarram Noordin and I am 28 years old.

I started flying in 2007 at the age of 19 years where I pursued my Private Pilot License (PPL) at a flight school in Nairobi, Kenya. Due to lack of finance, I had to stop my flying lessons and to look for an alternative option that lead me to enroll myself into a University for Civil Engineering. But every time I attended a lecture and would hear a plane pass by, my heart would skip a beat knowing that my office was meant to be in a flight deck high up in the sky as opposed to sitting behind a desk on ground. However, deep down, I never gave up on my dream and after two years of University in 2009 I was able to apply for a loan with the help of my father who is also my biggest inspiration.

The time had finally come to do what I truly love. Hence, I applied to Progress flight Academy in South Africa where I pursued my commercial pilot license with multi engine and instrument rating. After completing my course successfully, I came back to Kenya and started the whole conversion process and that’s when the uphill task really began. I dropped off my CV to several companies and got rejected, also applied for jobs online but in vain.


During this process, I was able to get a part time job in one of the flight schools as a ground school instructor for Instruments and Navigation. A few months later, Kenya Airways invited me for the interview process which involved a series of interviews with a leeway of three to four weeks. Fortunately, after a years struggle, I made it through and achieved my first flying job on Embraer 170/190 in 2011.

What type of airplane do you fly and for which company?

Currently, I fly the Boeing 737NG and work for one of the best airlines in Africa called KENYA AIRWAYS and have been privileged to be with them for 6 years now.


Do you hold any other license?

I do not hold any other license but recently I was able to upgrade my license to  ATPL  (Airline Transport Pilots License). People refer to it as getting your PhD in flying.


Have you experienced any type of emergency that you want to share?

I have never actually encountered a real emergency to date. A pilot’s job or flying is a very dynamic career. Everyday, you encounter something new with a few challenges but we are trained to overcome them safely by going through rigorous training and checks every six months to make sure we remain safe and execute everything we do safely! As of now, touch wood nothing serious.

Your plans for the future?

A lot to pursue! Get a degree related to Aviation, fly a wide body airplane and last but not the least, become a captain.


People that you want to thank or inspired you?

My family, especially my father who told me to never give up and always listened to what I had in mind. I am forever thankful to him for guiding and pushing me through this journey to achieve my dream.

Your message to upcoming pilots?

Future aviators never give up no matter what, its never easy but you got to persevere and continue working hard to achieve your final goal. Remember you got to push harder than yesterday to achieve a better tomorrow. Lastly, I wish you all the best! Stay safe and happy landings wherever you are!


 Get in Touch with Mukarram Noordin :

Come fly with me on my instagram page @mnoordin. 
Please feel free to message me directly on questions regarding aviation/piloting. I will try to my best to answer your questions.”

Thank you very much Mukarram, we hope you all the best, clear skies and a successful career!

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