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Pilot Story #8

Maria Del Mar Dosil

Every Monday a new story!

Flying private jets on a Daily basis is all about this week’s post! Maria Del Mar Dosil shows sends her message from the flight deck of a jet!

Follow us on this journey!

So, Maria tell us how it all started and how you made it up to here?

Hello to all enjoyflying fans and aviation enthusiasts!

I am Maria from Venezuela and as always my dream of becoming a pilot one day started from a very young age! I used to walk up to the airport as a child and I remember my self to be amazed by the beauty of those machines!

My first bicycle was looking like a helicopter and I remember how much I loved to ride it.

On 1992 I had an accident while flying a C172 but this was not something that could stop me. My passion for aviation helped me to overcome the accident and continue focused on my dream.


I had to stop flying for a while to become a mother and I am proud to say that my daughter Natasha is today 16 years old!

What type of aircraft do you fly these days?

I am rated on Astra and Citation 550 and 560 which I hope soon to become a captain. Also I have participated in a lot of safety and rescue courses.

Tell us about your future plans?

Keep flying the airplanes that I fly today and sure I am always open to new challenge.


Your message to the upcoming pilots?

I believe that consistency, focus, passion and love for your dream are all important traits for someone to hold in order to achieve his goals.


Being a pilot is one of the most exciting careers that someone can achieve. Flying for me is like be on Heaven but not staying in. It allows you to dream, to wake up in freedom and to remain a child while you have the responsibility of a great work on the same time.

Maria, we wish you all the best, happy landings and a lot of hours in the air as a Captain!

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