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Pilot Story #11

Every Monday a new story!

This week we write about a pilot dedicated to Airline Industry making his passion an example for others! That’s always the spirit of this page! We want people and stories that motivate our readers!

Born in Honduras and spreading his passion above Asia our friend  tell us his story so far!

So let’s start from you, tell us a few words for your story so far!

Hello to all avgeeks and fans of this page! It’s nice to be part of your stories!

I began flying at 18 and my first aircraft was a AA-5A Grumman Tiger in Costa Rica. I began flying because since an early age I knew I had a passion for flying and it all materialized the day I strapped my seat belt on that single engine trainer and took to the sky.

I flew for a small charter flying single engine and twin engine piston aircraft, followed by 2 years of regional turboprop operation in Honduras flying the LET410 and 8 years flying the A320,319,321 for a Legacy airline in America leading up to the last year experiencing my airline exposure in Asia.

LET410 Approaching Honduras

What type of airplanes do you fly and for which company?

These days I Fly  the Airbus A320 for Tigerair Taiwan.


Do you hold any other license?

No I don’t, I am fully dedicated to the airline industry!

Flying above Hong Kong

Have you experienced any type of emergency that you want to share?

Until this day I have not experienced any emergency other than the occasional malfunction of a system which has a redundancy system so nothing out of the ordinary safety procedure we have to mitigate the risk.

Sundown above Japan

Tell us about your future plans?

Continue sharing my side and take on aviation hopefully inspire others that want to engage on this path. It is all about enjoying something that others would call a hobby and we do it every day as a job.


People that you want to thank or inspired you?

I believe that in this aviation career you have to be thankful to your family who puts up with the late nights and time spent away from home. Since the beginning they are the backbone for such a sacrificed career and the time it takes to give that time back, quality time.

Α proud Captain!

Your message to upcoming pilots?

It is a long and difficult road to follow your dreams, but it does not prevent you from enjoying the ride with responsibility and matureness. Sometimes you feel you want to leap years ahead but remember that the time in between is where you gain your experience and it is what will shape the pilot you will be.

Become a pilot today

We hope to meet you one day and learn from you! We wish you all the best and keep inspiring others!

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