Flight Instructor Nyasha-Harmony Gutsa


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This month we have with us Nyasha-Harmony Gutsa, a passionate flight Instructor and a volunteer pilot for Aeromedicos in Mexico. His story is full of passion for the world of aviation.

So Nyasha let’s start from you, who you are and what do you do for a living?

Hello to all enjoyflying.net fans! I feel proud to be part of this project.

About me, I spend my childhood in Zimbabwe dreaming about airplanes. Part of the first generation to be born after colonial rule, the “born-free” generation, I was ambitious from a young age, setting my mind on education and on a sustainable career. I was awarded a private academic scholarship to study in New York at Fordham University, where I earned a degree in Accounting & Finance. Along the way, I studied technology as well, eventually using what I had learned on to become a software product manager at Procore Technologies and founder of PiLAB Africa and @flightstories on Instagram.

How did you make it up on becoming a flight instructor?

Now I am 29 and I already fly for six years. To start, I trained only on weekends at Farmingdale Republic Airport on Long Island, holding down a full-time job during the week. Often waking up as early as 4 am to study the Pilot Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK) and other FAA materials, I was determined to earn my private pilot license. I had a lofty goal for myself. I would earn a pilot rating every single year. Mentored by Captain Antonio Ferrara and Dr. Robert “Bob” Corona, I picked up a large amount of pilot experience quickly given his circumstances.

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Today I am rated as a commercially rated pilot with multi-engine & instrument privileges and flight instructor CFI(A) and I teach flying courses on the weekends.


Tell us about the volunteered program you are involved for Aeromedicos.

The mission of Aeromedicos of Santa Barbara is to furnish free medical and dental care to residents of remote regions of Mexico who have limited or no other access to care. We also provide free medicines, medical supplies (such as hearing aids, prescription eyeglasses, crutches, and respiratory aids), and health education to improve resident’s self-care efforts. Our mission is achieved solely through volunteer efforts and the financial assistance of members, charitable organizations, and contributions.

What is your favorite airplane to fly and what are your plans for 2017?

I fly various types of airplanes such as Cessna 150’s, Cessna 152s, and Cessna 172s. My favorite aircraft is the Cirrus SR 22.

I have logged more than 750 hours of flying experience including cross country ferry experience and my plan is to add the CFI(I) & MEI rating, at my credentials in 2017.

What is your message to the people?

I hope through my actions to inspire children in Africa to follow their dreams. In 2020, I plan to become the first African to fly around the world in a single-engine piston aircraft. During that flight, the message will be clear: Don’t give up on yourselves! Nyasha, after all, never did.

Thank you Nyasha! We wish all the best in your life and we can’t wait to see you flying the globe in 2020.

The enjoyflying.net team